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Clean your Aquarium with Professional Algae Cleaning Magnets!


These Algae Cleaning Magnets will quickly pay for themselves
by saving you time and labor!

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Floating aquarium magnets, underwater scratch removal kits, custom gravel vacuums (Super Syphons), and specialized algae removing pads for fish and reef tanks make professional aquarium maintenance fast and easy. Mighty Magnets algae removing cleaning magnets are the STRONGEST. Mighty Magnets algae remover magnets are the best maintenance tool for reef and fish tank maintenance. In addition to floating algae magnets, we also have acrylic aquarium scratch removers that work UNDERWATER in a full working acrylic tank, and Acrylic Cleaning Kits.

See Mighty Magnets demo on corraline with the Cutter Bag accessory.

New and Improved! These special Mighty Magnets have a large cleaning surface for faster service and a novel flat and fish shaped floating inner magnet that gets into tight spots. Featured is Model FISH-6B.
Mighty Magnets Model F-8 can clean a 600 gallon aquarium in less than 1-1/2 minutes. Mighty magnets get behind the trim and navigate around the corners with ease.

Algae Eating (flat) Fish (shaped) Mighty Magnets

and Black (color) Mighty Magnets Models are now available.

Also check out our Flat Floating (FF) Models for getting between tight spots.

FF models have inner magnets that are built for those hard to
reach places between reef rocks, decorations and the aquarium walls.
Cleans way behind the trim due to the oversize inner magnets.
Inner floating magnets also have a lower relief and a
larger surface area and still FLOAT!

Custom orders available
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Extra Acrylic Safe Algae Pad Set,

Plastic Storage Case.

Included with the purchase of any

Mighty Magnets!
New Bargain Magnets added
periodically so check
back often!

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are extremely powerful cleaning magnets for the removal of aquarium surface algae. Over 20 different models to service virtually all aquariums including floating models where the inner algae cleaning magnet will float up to the surface of your aquarium for easy removal. Custom models can clean aquariums with a wall thickness of up to 4".

for acrylic aquariums - no need to break down your aquarium to remove scratches! Our custom scratch removal kits work in conjunction with your Mighty Magnets and can quickly and safely remove scratches underwater. An incredible time saver!

are designed to scrape off hard coralline algae in glass and acrylic reef aquariums. Easily attaches to your Mighty Magnets.

now for all Mighty Magnets models. Fits over your Mighty Magnets to quickly and easily remove stubborn hard green algae on acrylic and glass aquariums.
are brown in color and more aggressive on algae than the regular white replacement pad sets, recommended for glass aquariums. Includes outer magnet felt pad and inner magnet algae scrub pad.

will safely clean and protect all plastic surfaces , anti-fog , anti-static, and repels dust. Also includes a fine and a heavy scratch remover, plus special polishing cloths.

expand the usability of your Mighty Magnets. With your Spacer Appliance, one set of Mighty Magnets will work on a wider range of aquarium wall thicknesses.

are super-size gravel vacuums to do water changes and vacuum the gravel on large aquariums. A very durable professional-grade gravel vacuum. Custom sizes are available by phone or email.
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