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Algae Cutter Bags cut through tough algae fast, even coralline algae as demonstrated here.

Algae Cutter Bags are a nylon mesh scrubbing material that stretches over the wet side magnet half.
Algae Cutter Bags are safe for acrylics when used as directed.
Shown on Model F-16
Shown on Model F-2
Caution - Always clean inspect and test Pads before use in an
inconspicuous area of the aquarium to insure it does not scratch the
surface, even when using NEW pads.

Use With Magnet Model

Bag Size


2 Pak

3 Pak
Cutter Bag
- Small "A"
F-1 thru F-2
N-1 thru N-2

4" x 5"



Cutter Bag
- Medium "B"
F-4 thru F-6, N-4
Thru N-10 and FF-3

4" x 8"



Cutter Bag
- Large "C"
F-8 thru F-15,
FF-4, FF-6.
N-12 thru
FISH-3, 4, 6.

6" x 10"



Cutter Bag
- Extra Large "D"
F-16, 17.
FF-8 thru FF-14

6" x 12"



Manufactured in the United States of America
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