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ALGAE DOZER SCRAPER PADS are designed to scrape
off hard coralline algae quickly and easily from Acrylic
or Glass Reef Aquariums. Simply replace the regular
algae scrub pad on your MIGHTY MAGNETS with the Algae
Dozer pad and watch it work wonders.

Pictured is model F-2 Mighty Magnets with
scraper pad attached.
Caution - Always clean inspect and test Pads before use in an
inconspicuous area of the aquarium to insure it does not scratch the
surface, even when using NEW pads.

Use With Magnet Model

Pad Size


2 Pak

5 Pak
Small Algae
Dozer "A"
F-1 thru F-2
N-1 thru N-2
3 1/4" x 4 1/2"



Medium Algae
Dozer "B"
F-4 thru F-6,
N-4 thru N-10,
4" x 6"



Large Algae
Dozer "C"
F-8, F-10,and
N-12 thru N-17,
FF-4, FF-6
5" x
7 1/2"



Extra Large Algae
Dozer "D"
F-9, F-12, F-14, F-15, and
5 1/2" x



Extra Extra Large Algae
Dozer "E"
F-16, 17. FF-8, FF-10,
FF-12, FF-14
6" x 9"



Fish Shaped Algae
Dozer "F"
6" x 9"



Manufactured in the United States of America
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