Important Safety Instructions in Using Our Product

Read before using Mighty Magnets

  1. These Mighty Magnets are a professional tool, keep away from children and the non-experienced!
  2. Do not use when tired or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  3. Do not allow Mighty Magnets to come near any electronic equipment; including computers, audio tapes, compact discs, credit cards, or any other magnetically sensitive items including heart pacemakers.
  4. Always use extreme caution when handling these magnets! Do not hold the magnets in your hands close together! The strength of the magnetic field is more powerful than you think and they will slam together! Mighty Magnets can literally jump out of your hands from a full 12 inches away or more with our most powerful Mighty Magnets like the F-18! Allowing the magnets to slam together in this manner can cause injury to you and can break the magnets.
  5. When not in use in the aquarium, Mighty Magnets should be kept in the storage container with the spacer block between them! Allowing the Mighty Magnets to come together without a spacer block between them is dangerous, and they can be extremely difficult to get apart. When in use, the aquarium wall serves as a spacer. When storing, use the spacer provided. If they do come together without a spacer, try to separate the magnets using a twisting motion to help break the powerful magnetic field. In order to separate the more powerful Mighty Magnet models, you may need a second person or tools such as wooden wedge. You can also ship them back to Mighty Magnets Inc. for repair.
  1. Before each use, check the Mighty Magnets outer felt pad and inner algae scrub pad for sand or other particles that may have adhered to them. Failure to do so may cause you to scratch your aquarium.
  2. Make sure to test your Mighty Magnets in an inconspicuous area of your aquarium to make sure you are not going to scratch your aquarium walls.
  3. Be very careful when cleaning near the gravel line in the aquarium. The magnet might pick up the substrate and scratch the tank.
  4. Use Mighty Magnets for the recommended aquarium wall thicknesses only! Failure to do so may damage the aquarium.
  5. Do not store in direct sunlight.
  6. Do not drop

Mighty Magnets are a lifetime purchase if treated properly. If ever dropped on a hard surface please check for magnet separation or a broken seam that will allow for water to seep in. These magnets will rust if exposed to water or high humidity. If a magnet separation or broken seam happens, we recommend sending it back for repair immediately. The magnets are the most expensive component to replace. This can be avoided if repaired in a timely matter.

Use Mighty Magnets at your own risk! Your dealer or the manufacturer can not be held responsible or liable for any damage due to the user’s neglect.

If an accidental scratch does happen, don’t despair! Use the Mighty Magnets Scratch Removal Kit to remove scratches quickly and easily even underwater.