Customer Reviews of Our Aquarium Cleaning Kits

Hi Rick.
I purchased a mighty magnet from you about 3 years ago and I have to say I’m
extremely happy with it and it has been by far one of the best investments that
I have ever made for my fish tank.
I get extreme joy every time I use it because it just works and performs
phenomenally. So well that I have always recommended this item to all my friends and
fellow reefers all over the web including most Facebook groups and all other
Thank you and God bless.

Thanks so much for making such a great product. We’re still using our original
magnet we bought from y’all almost 9 years ago. Our service business wouldn’t
be the same without it.


I just wanted to comment on your scratch removal kit. I recently purchased the 9
pad kit to remove several micro scratches that made a slight haze on the entire
front surface of my reef tank. I was unsure this would work but I was
pleasantly surprised! My 120-gallon acrylic looks brand new again! Thanks for
such a wonderful product, I will certainly recommend it


I used the magnet yesterday to clean the tank and I can promise I will be a loyal
customer for life. everything worked like a charm.


Thank you very much for your help with everything. We appreciate all that you have
done, especially the repair of the magnet. It was an absolute pleasure working
with you, and we look forward to continuing business with you in the future! I
hope you stay safe and healthy and have a wonderful year!
Very respectfully,


I have had my Mighty Magnet Floating F-6 for about 15 years now and it works now
just as well as it did when purchased. It’s a great product.
Thank you,


Hello Rick, Yesterday I received my mighty magnet F4 with the pads. What should I
say, it’s awesome! Still the best thing I ever had!


Hi Rick, I just wanted to say these algae cutter bags are amazing. Cleaning algae
off my acrylic tank has been a chore ever since I got it. Someone on reef2reef
recommended your bags so I checked them out. Used it yesterday for the first
time and I had encrusted brown algae off in minutes. I have a 10 foot, 500
gallon tank so a cleaning would usually take me almost an hour. I told all my
friends with acrylic tanks to check out your products! Thank You.


Best purchase ever for my cleaning my aquarium! I sure wish I
had known about Mighty Magnets years ago. Thanks for making my life easier and
my aquarium more enjoyable.

-Kyle Matula, Texas

Rick, I just used the magnet today… dear god I have been
suffering cleaning this 1k gal aquarium with a brush for a year now. It usually
takes me about 1.5 hours to clean all the acrylic. I just did it in under
15min. Thanks so much for your help and service!

-Juan from Puerto Rico

Hello Rick, I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how happy I am with the
magnet. I wish I had purchased these years ago instead of all of the money I
spent on things that did not work. I have an acrylic marine tank about 3 years
old. There are small scratches inside (hard to avoid with acrylic) and algae
starts first in the cracks. Nothing I have tried cleaned the algae from the
cracks except for putting my hand in the tank once a week. The magnet with the
algae dozer pad cleans it out without hardly any effort. I cannot even tell you
how pleased I am. Thanks again.


Rick, I can’t thank you enough for your prompt attention to my recent request to
upgrade my 10-year old F4 magnet. I can tell you that my original F4 that I
bought 10 years ago and have pretty much used daily is a superb product. Thank
you for upgrading it to the floating type. Best magnet construction, strength,
and ease of use I have ever experienced. Other magnets that I have used do not
even come close to comparing with your product. Also thank you for the free
sample of the cutter bag. I like it and I will start using it instead of my
current wire ties set up. Thanks again.

-Alex Dallas Texas

Hi Rick, I received my shipment. Just wanted to say how AWESOME these magnets are! Amazing! Thanks!!!

-Angela Epps, 21 Century Geoscience Program Facilitator/Educator

Just wanted to say thanks again for the F6 magnetic scrubber. I have a 420-gallon
peninsula display tank with 1″ acrylic. It would take me an hour and a half to
clean by hand now about 20 minutes or less and does a better job. Also, Rick
was willing to take the time to help me and give advice with another issue with
powerheads. Very happy and I would recommend his magnets for two reasons:
Quality and customer service. Thanks,

- Russ Kook

Just received my Mighty Magnets and all I can say is OMG. Why isn’t this product in
the stores? With the Algae Bag on, I was done cleaning in 15 minutes, 360 gal.
with 1.25″ acrylic.

-Greg Bennett

Hello, I just wanted to say that your magnet is probably the best thing I have bought
for my tank…. and I haven’t even tried all the pads. I will absolutely be
recommending your magnet!

-Darrel & Katie Smith

Good morning Rick, We received our Algae Dozer and Algae Cutter bags. I Just wanted
to say thank you for the speedy service, and to let you know that they worked
great! They guys were fighting some real tough algae growth, but those pads
took care of it in no time! Thanks again! Regards

-Erik McRobbie Maintenance Supervisor Pacific Shores Resort

I’m an aquarium service professional in South Florida, and I just wanted to say
your magnets save me so much time and hassle, they clean tanks in 5 minutes
that would take me over an hour to scrub by hand. The only magnet(F-6) that
I’ve seen get coralline off a 250 acrylic tank without scratching or taking
forever. Without a doubt the best purchase I made for my business. I’ve even
purchased an F-1 for the smaller acrylic tanks I manage. Thank you guys and
keep up the awesome product. I also just got your gravel vac yesterday and I
was amazed with the quality, definitely a lot better than I was hoping for.

-Richard Favre

Hello Rick. I just wanted to inform you that the package has been received and the
magnet has been tested. WOW! I am 100% satisfied. Thank you so much for the
best product I have ever bought for my aquarium.
Best regards,


After 20 years in the hobby and countless other magnets and cleaning tools used, I
can tell you that mighty magnets are the best in the industry. Three years ago
I purchased my mighty magnets for my 700-gallon acrylic tank, I could not be
happier. The magnet continues to do its job day after day. With careful use, I
have only had a few scratches which were completely removed with the scratch removal kit.

-Dustin in Tennessee

If I had to go a week without my Mighty Magnets I lose my job. I love the Algae
Cutter Bag, especially for the sand line. I can polish up this very hard to
clean area in no time.

-Emily Walker from Aquatic Resource Technologies, Inc.

These aquarium cleaning magnets are fantastic! Cleaning the big tanks in my service
accounts was killing me before I got my Mighty Magnets. Thank you Mighty

-Mike from ‘Get Tanked’ in N.J.

My mighty magnet has absolutely been one of the best purchases for my tank. After
years of frustration in scraping algae, I was ready to give up. Then I found
this awesome Mighty Magnet with all these accessories – algae cutters, dozer
pads, and scratch removal. All have worked amazingly well and saved me so much
time and effort. I love my tank again. Thank you

-Mark Stover

The best magnets I have found anywhere. Others are not as strong. Amazing to have
that amount of power and still be able to float!

-Brian Vick N.C.

Very impressive product! I’ve tried many things to clean the algae from my 400
gallon acrylic tank. This is by far the best item I’ve ever used. Sorry it took
so long for me to try it. I am also impressed with the basic quality of the
product. Good stuff!

-Keith Montgomery

What a great product!! I have been in the aquarium industry 20 years, 10 years
professionally. I have never seen a magnet that comes close to the quality of
this magnet. I am HUGE fan and you have a loyal lifetime customer. Everything about
this product from the design to the packaging screams a lot of time and thought
went into this product. Thank you for making my job easier!

-Vince Kelly, President, GoFish Aquariums Inc.

I am really happy with them, really, really, happy with them! The scratch removal
kit is working great. They are saving me a bunch of time!

-Larry G. San Anselmo, CA.

I received my Mighty Magnet yesterday, and I love it! My tank hasn’t been this
clean in a while! Having a 30″ deep tank, it was always hard to clean it good
near the bottom, but with this magnet and the pads it was no problem! I loved
the algae dozer, that is genius! Thank you so much for making such a great

-Vincent Valdez

Mighty Magnets are far superior to the others out there. They work perfectly. We used
some on a 4-inch thick tank and they got the job done!

-Eric Rapsinski- SEALIFE Aquarium

Works Great, don’t know what I would do without it!

-Robert Poole, Ottawa, Ill.

Just wanted to say all turned up “down under” and worked great. The brown pad
couldn’t quite get through the algae the first time, as it had been building up
for about 8 weeks, so used the cutter bag style one and the acrylic has come up
crystal clear. Thanks for all your help.

-Mark (Shakadog) – from Australia

I have always been resistant on using magnets before I purchased the F-4 magnets.
I can’t believe I have cleaned aquariums professionally for 13 years without
them. Thanks Rick!

-The Fish Guy, Washington State “scrubbing the fuzz”

These are the best magnets in the world!

-Brian Vick, North Carolina

Just wanted to let you know that I received the magnet and scratch removal kit the
other day. The magnet is awesome and the kit worked like a charm. My tank is as
good as new.

-Regards, Jesse

Hi Rick, I received my magnets today. I couldn’t believe how well they worked. I
have owned a mag float for years and thought yours would be the same thing. Was
I ever wrong. Mighty Magnets cleaned my entire 165-gallon aquarium in 10
minutes. I bought the brown pad as well as the tube sock but didn’t even need
them. The white pad alone did a great job. Thank-you. I will tell my friends
about your products.-

-A happy aquarium owner, John M.