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This special pad includes a plastic scraper that removes coralline algae in glass or acrylic tanks. Dozer Pad (A) fits the inner magnet for Mighty Magnet models F-1, F-2, and F-3.

Dimensions 3″ x 4-1/2″. Actual product and color may differ from picture.

Always clean, inspect, and test products in an inconspicuous area of the aquarium.

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Algae Dozers

Algae Dozers
The Algae Dozer Pad is designed to scrape off hard coralline algae from Acrylic or Glass Reef Tanks.
Instructions- Take the regular Algae Scrub Pad off the inner half (wet-side) of your pair of Mighty Magnets, and replace it with the Algae Dozer scraper pad by centering the magnet on the back side of the Dozer Pad. The gray plastic scraper part of the Dozer Pad will be facing toward the aquarium surface. Place the inner half of your Mighty Magnets in the aquarium and start to clean as you would normally with the regular scrub pad following the Mighty Magnets instructions.
Caution – Always clean, inspect and test any algae pad before use in an inconspicuous area of the aquarium, to insure it does not scratch the surface, even when using new pads. Be sure to watch carefully as you scrape off the coralline algae so as not to scratch the aquarium from coralline build-up. Rinse and clean the algae pads after each use.
You may attempt to re-sharpen your Dozer Pad for extended use. Customers have done this using fine sandpaper or you can try dragging a straight edge razor blade along the pads’ plastic scraper blade.


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