F-10 for 1-3/4″ (4.4 cm) to 2-1/2″ (6.3 cm)


Add 1/4″  (.65cm) to your aquarium glass thickness when using our Algae dozers to maximize their efficiency. You can always reduce the strength of our magnets with one of our spacers.


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This Floating Magnet is recommended for 1-3/4″ (4.4 cm) to 2-1/2″ (6.3 cm) aquarium wall thickness. The inner floating magnet dimensions are 5″ x 7-1/2″ x 2-1/4″ thick.

Product includes: Plastic Storage Case, Spacer Block, Instructions, and an extra Acrylic Safe Pad Set (outer magnet Felt Pad and inner magnet Algae Scrub Pad).

This product is compatible with: Replacement Pad Set (D/C), Algae Cutter Bag (C), Dozer Pad (C), Scratch Removal Kit (C).

Always clean, inspect, and test products in an inconspicuous area of the aquarium.

Warning! These magnets are powerful and potentially Dangerous. Please read the Safety Instruction Page before purchase.


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